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Easy to

There are effectively zero barriers to entry to start a website design business. You only need a laptop or PC , a web-hosting account (which we assist you with) and a free website building software (which we provide as well) to get started. You don’t need any licenses, office space or expensive equipment.

minimal skills required 

The skillset required to build websites is increasingly getting lowered. Our powerful website design software  makes building a website really easy, and you don’t even need to know how to write HTML and CSS code.


Web design businesses are very high margin businesses, because generally the only costs-of-goods-sold is the time of the designer/developer building the website. If you’re running a small home-based agency, you might only need to do 15 or 20 projects per year to sustain 2 people full-time

tons of potential clients

There are always new projects out for bid and because of changing technologies and design trends, most companies and non-profits will have a new website built every 3-to-5 years. That means that there’s just about always someone that out there that will pay you to build them a website if you can market yourself well enough.


how many people per
company ?

Each company may have as many people as it wishes, but all should register one company account on the platform. 

how many companies am i allowed to setup ?

You can setup an unlmited amount of companies, but in order to build a strong
brand, you should think about setting up one initially and growing it. 

how do the hosting
costs work ?

For the 1st year, we require R695 per website to cover your clients' hosting for the entire year. For the 2nd year onwards, we charge R99 per month, of which 40% will go to you.

how does trend help me
with my company ?

We will help you with best practices for running a successful business & advice on topics such as sales, marketing, operations, finance & later we'll help you get leads for your business and connect you with a mentor through our platform,

What if i want out, what happens then ?

You can opt out by simply stopping to find clients for 3 months. You will forfeit all the recurring income you could have earned from your clients in the second year onwards.


This is just the beginning...

Do you limit how much i charge clients ?

No, this is your business, you decide how much you charge, we just give you guidelines and best practices, but the final decsion is always yours.

How many sites can i
build a day ?

You can build as many websites as you can, depending on the complexity of the sites , but 1 to 2 websites a day (per designer) is doeable.

how much should i
charge clients ?

We cant decide how much you charge, but we reccomend you charge anything from R250 to R500 per page when starting up, and go higher as you gain experience.

how easy is it to
build a site ?

Its really simple, everything is drag-n-drop, 
so you dont need any coding experience, plus we have templates that you can use to make  site building easier. Watch our Video

where can i learn how to build websites ?

We have a section on our website where we give you tips and design advice, but most importantly, if you use our templates, you should be ok as they are designed professionally. See:
Web Design Basics

can trend build websites
on my behalf ?

TREND does not build websites for you, but you can network with other entreprenuers on our Facebook community to form partnerships.

i suck at marketing & i just want to design, how will i get clients ?

TREND will guide you with Sales Advice, but you can network with other entreprenuers on our Facebook community to form partnerships

i cant find a cool name, can i change my company's name later ?

Yes you can, after you have signed up, you can send us a request on, and we'll help you change your company's name on the platform.

what if i dont
have a logo yet ?

We have a list of tools online where you can get a quick logo for free, but dont wait for everything to be perfect before you start, you can always change things as you grow.

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